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Itís a pleasure working with you and your expert staff. Your organization is constantly looking out for the welfare of our customers and our corporation. Any issues relating to Kosher are addressed in a very prompt and professional manner.
Tim Honeycutt, VP Purchasing, Krispy Kreme, Inc.

 K.O.A. is a company that is easy to work with and just a phone call away at all times.
Joe Bauer, former president of Food Technology at Tasty
                                                        Baking Co., Inc., currently at Chesapeake Field, Inc., Maryland

I really liked dealing with K.O.A.
              Joe Sisco, San Joaquin Valley Fresno, California Gala Wine

Rabbi, youíre just a phone call away and you answer all our calls upon request.
Guy Woodman, Director of Sales, Euromed Pharmaceuticals

The Rabbis are constantly looking for ways to help my business grow throughout the kosher industry.  It is a pleasure to work with a great group of intellectual and caring Rabbis.
                                                         Elliot Stone, President, Sorbee Candies